Meet Tameaka

Tameaka Shelton

Here's a bit about me...

Along with being a Certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, I’ve earned several degrees and have over 15 years of experience as an HR Professional! I say this not to impress you…I say it because I realize as people, we’d often prefer to work with credentialed professionals. Nonetheless, I want to be honest and let you know that often the greatest growth and learning I’ve ever received has come from day-to-day life experiences!

I have always been fascinated by the similarities and differences among and between people of all ages, nationalities, etc.  I have studied the breakdowns that happen in these relationships whether it’s between children and parents, parents and teachers, spouses, employers and employees, or church members and leaders.  Most of the breakdowns I’ve witnessed were due to power struggles, poor communication, or just a lack of information!

I truly believe that we can all learn and grow from one another.  Often, to support one another through successes we must mend some of the breakdowns we’ve had in our relationships.  We all have areas where there have been breakdowns and a loss of power.  Perhaps you've experience the feeling of being disrespected in an intimate relationship or the feeling of being misunderstood by an employer.  Maybe your team doesn't listen when you provide guidance.  It's time to take your power back!  When I say “power”, I am not talking about being domineering or arrogant, I am talking about being purposeful, confident and tenacious.  Who are you being in your relationships with others?  Who really has the power?  If you are anything like I was, power always shifted...but was never really with me. 

I'm excited to help you find the power you may have lost along the way.  Be sure to contact me for next steps...