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Are you influential in your relationships at work?


I didn't used to be either!  

I will share with you tested strategies and techniques that will ensure reclaimed power and influence in all of your workplace relationships.  Can you imagine what it will feel like when you take your power back?  YOU CAN DO IT!  And I will support you every step of the way.

John Maxwell says in his book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, “Amazingly, more than 90% of the impression we convey has nothing to do with what we actually say.  So, if you believe communication is all about words, you are totally missing the boat, and you will always have a hard time connecting with others.”  I had to learn the hard way unfortunately!

Whether it’s with your customers, colleagues, or loved ones, maintaining good relationships is very important. Most often a loss of power and influence comes from a disconnect within the lines of communication.  I’ve got so much to share with you.

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