How enjoyable is your workplace?

On average, full-time employees work about 2080 hours a year.  That’s a lot of time spent at work. To me, if you are going to spend that amount of time at work, it should be enjoyable!  Working in an environment where a person feels a loss of power can have a negative impact on several aspects of life.

Think about the best job you’ve ever had.  What was the work environment like?  Did you feel empowered?  What kind of leader did you have?  How did you interact?  Were you willing to go over and beyond in that environment?  Now, think about the worst job you’ve had.  What are the differences?  How was your life impacted?  Your health?  Your family?

If you have become dis-empowered by your work environment, let’s talk.  Perhaps you are a manager who feels like your staff just don’t follow your direction.  We can work together to change your company’s culture. Or maybe you are an employee who has great ideas but are never taken seriously?  We can work on that too.   It’s time to enjoy going to work again.

Make a meaningful shift in this area.